Project Methods Rainfall and Agile

Project Management methods applied to Life.

Our first style of Project management is called Waterfall method: Planning projects fully, then executing through phases.  A more Classical,  traditional method suited to projects that can be worked on in a fairly linear long-term environment. 

Pros of this method - Progress is more easily measured, as the full scope of the work is known in advance. On the downside from our perspective of using these methods for personal growth is the One area which almost always falls short is the effectiveness of people to not always know what they want at the beginning.  Another negative possibility is that the person will be dissatisfied with their delivered Goals and results. As all deliverables are based on documented requirements, a  person may not see what will be delivered until it’s almost finished. By that time, changes can be difficult (and costly) to implement

We need a more Flexible Management method - Agile.

An Agile Method is a particular approach to project management that is utilized in software development. This method assists teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software or trying to predict the flow of our lives. It uses incremental, iterative work sequences which can easily be translated into a Personal methodology.

I realize the Formal description above is a mouthful but Agile brings a set of processes to your life that can help you handle the many twists and turns within our Lives and Careers. 

As you can imagine Software can be very Complex with millions of lines of code that takes years to plan, develop and release. Over this time period,  new computer hardware is released, Operating systems are upgraded, Business processes change before the software is finished, unforeseen new technology comes along that makes part of the solution and original Goals obsolete.

Sound familiar? Anything happening in your life that is changing quickly? Discovered you don't actually like the industry or school courses you're in? 

Techniques from Agile Project management, applied to your life, can show you a path to success,



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