Meditation – more than one way to practice.

There are various types of Mediation techniques being used today to reduce stress and anxiety,  touch our subconscious mind,  become Mindful and all the other benefits listed in the Wiki posts.

The two I would like to concentrate on are Thinking for Ideas and second - Stress and Anxiety Reduction.

I was originally introduced to Meditation by an Engineer that found it beneficial when working on new ideas and not having any experience with the normal way of doing meditation I accepted what he told me as correct. As anyone knows that has tried Meditation your mind spends a significant amount of time switching through what people feel are random thoughts.  I was instructed to find a pad of paper and a few pens then sit in a chair within a quiet room he had constructed.

At first, my mind started with the questions and thoughts - why are we here? this stuff sounds cooky, This chair really is comfortable, why did I have that extra piece of pie at lunch?, I hear a buzzing noise all around my ears and then answers started to come - that wrench I needed was under the bench, I need to stop at the hardware store for screws to finish deck on weekend,  If I use the old braces out in the back storage yard we don't need to buy a new trailer, and on and on it went. I would fill many pads of paper over the next few years.

I continued this practice for a few years until someone brought the more traditional method of controlling breathe and thoughts to enter a more relaxed state. with this new skill came introductions TM. Mindfulness,  and a few people on the Oprah show and now videos on Youtube.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - you need a few prerequisites finished to understand him. It took me a few exposures to Eckhart before he mentioned the spaces between thoughts - the teacher had arrived.

Note taking apps, Keep by Google, Onenote by SM, Evernote

Journalling sites:

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