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Note taking

When I sat down to tap out this post on creating the habit of putting down all your thoughts on paper to help yourself collect the information needed to make decisions for your own personal VMOSA project, the title of a book came to mind, Write for Life : Healing Body, Mind & Spirit Through Journal Writing by Sheppard Kominars (Author) and its value in discussing the use of a Journal during our steps through the VMOSA processes.

How many ideas , connections, discoveries have we missed because we didn't write them down?

Notes are our knowledge base for discovery.  Parts of the VMOSA processes involve complex information that we may not have at hand or need to consider from different perspectives before coming to a final decision on what we want and need to do.

Whether carbon on parchment, pen and paper, fingers on keyboard or pen on screen the mechanics of writing notes and lists have changed over time. Modern technologies gives you the opportunity to visualise ideas in ways not possible before and change the way you create.

The Chaos of notes can now be tamed. Digital formats allow us a method of note taking that’s easy to organise, share, save, and access while improving retention, creativity, and sharing with others.

Note taking needs to become a regular habit not an unorganised mess. I talk about Practice on another post and bring that idea here - Practice using notes, Lists and Journals until you no longer need to think about using them.

For our future purposes we need to work with an integrated software platform that allows sharing the information across multiple applications and people.  Google and Microsoft meet all of the requirements and in Google's case a single user installation is Free but MS has a huge following that offers on-line system at low cost. Google has Keep and MS has OneNote please install your preferred Notes creation Application.

Lets start with Google. You will require a Google account that will then allow you access to their Applications for free.  Once your account has been created you have access to Google Search, GMAIL, TASK, Docs(wordporcessor), Spreadsheets(Sheet), Keep(Notes) and Drive which is a storage drive.

Youtube Video. on using Keeper fr VMOSA.

Remember to record an idea today that you will thank yourself for in the future.


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