Old wine in a new bottle

The term Old wine in a new bottle describes the translation of old written knowledge into modern phrasing and terminology people can understand today. Mostly used to keep old ideas available to Modern readers.

Some of the new age systems like Mindfulness had their beginnings in 301bc with the Stoics. The writers of today have taken their concepts and modernized them. 

Quite a few of the old age Motivational thinkers - Self-Help writers if you may - were Highly Religious people and wrote their ideologies from those perspectives which most would find somewhat evangelical in nature reading them today.  If you enjoy Religious messaging or can separate out those overtones the ideas and concepts,  go too your library and find those old books and have a read - the basic ideas are as valid today as when they were written. Human nature has changed very little since the books were written.

In clarification of the above paragraph, Sexuality and Religious laws  around Gender and Sexuality will need to be ignored

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