Teacher arrives

There is a Proverb attributed to Buddha that goes:   When the student is readythe teacher will appear. There are many existing interruptions of its meaning and you will find your own over time,  but for our purposes the meaning will be - When you are finally in a place in your life that you are open to assistance,  the messages from your past teachers will come back into your mind along with  your recognition of the current teachers in your life.

A teacher does not have to be a living person, it can be a book, article or movie,   it can be many things but the source is unimportant what matters is the thought has become an actionable memory.  The process occurs many times in our lives without recognition,  for some of you it might be recognized as a comment made by many people as they age "My parents got a lot smarter as I grew older".

You might recognize this process in your own life - people have been giving you suggestions and advice your whole life but for many reasons, you did not apply the knowledge as you felt it was "not right for me".  Yet later as we live our lives,  situations occur where the mind recognizes the Teachers knowledge and brings it to our conscious mind. Some of you might recognize these moments as "I finally get it" or "Is that what they meant?"

These type of Epiphany moments can completely change your perspective,  making you Ready for the Teacher.  Books and Videos that in the past might have been tossed aside as irrelevant start making sense. Messages and stories you heard a thousand times have a new meaning,   the Teachers have arrived. The Teachers were always there but you didn't recognize them.

You might also want to look at the related techniques listed below as well.  In the Case of Law of Attraction, once you become ready and open to receive information on a piece of your life - you start attracting the Teachers and knowledge you need.

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