VMOSA: What is it?

The Steps are Spelled out in the order of completion. For those working on Personal Growth using this Methodology please think of yourself in the place of the Organization


The Vision(Dream) communicates what the organization believes where they want to be in the near future, often within the 3 to 5 years then beyond. There are certain characteristics that a Vision statement should have: Future-focused, Challenging, Inspiring, Relevant, Concise

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The MISSION (The What and the Why) Developing Mission statements are the next step in the strategic planning process. An organization’s Mission statement describes what the organization is doing and why it’s doing that. There are certain characteristics that a Mission statement should have: Purpose oriented, Concise

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Objectives: (Obstacles and Opportunities) Depending on the type of Goal being considered you could have 1 or all 3 topics being used

The OBJECTIVES (How Much Of What Will Be Accomplished By When) 

There are five basic characteristics to an objective that are called SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed

More detail on Obstacles and Opportunities

Strategy and Tactics: STRATEGIES (The How)

The next step in the process of VMOSA is developing your Strategies. Strategies explain how the organization will reach its objectives.

There are basically three major steps in this process:

  1. Collect information, internally and externally, to figure out where the organization is now.
  2. Synthesise it into a SWOT table. -- more detail
  3. Refresh and update your Vision to make sure it's still relevant and clear.

More detail on Tactics

Action Plans:  What Change Will Happen, Who Will Do What By When

Finally, an organization’s Action plan describes in great detail exactly how strategies will be implemented, within the wide strategy boundaries, to accomplish the objectives developed earlier in this process.

Action step(s): What will happen
Person(s) responsible: Who will do what
Date to be completed: Timing of each action step
Resources required: Resources and support (both what is needed and what’s available )
Barriers or resistance, and a plan to overcome them!
Collaborators: Who else should know about this action

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Mentality, Life Style, System, Products

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